Aims & Objectives

Our goals are now neither expansion nor re-building, but to well-manage, and well-maintain the Crèche, with unwavering devotion and dedication so that our little ones coming within our purview are nourished and protected, loved and cared with love and devotion during their stay at ARC EN CIEL (DEDUNU)

Our objectives remain unchanged over the years, for the Crèche, which are indeed the original thoughts that heralded the inception of ARC EN CIEL (DEDUNU) in January 1990.

We continue to steadfastly believe, almost with a religious fervency in our original aim:    

  • To help the parents, especially the mothers – more importantly, the Single mothers – to be gainfully employed during the day, whilst their little ones are cared for at DEDUNU – thereby uplifting their financial and social standing in life.
  • To protect the little infants and children from the ever-present problem of malnutrition during the most important formative years: 03 Months to 18 Months.

What Dedunu Provides:

Dedunu takes care of the physical as well as psychological needs of the children and their parents.

Besides providing a healthy and joyful environment conducive for growth, it provides the children with food, clothing, toys, books, stationary, vitamins, medicine, and so on for the children. Dedunu staff, visits each and every home providing consultation / counselling and assistance for parents in facing numerous life situations. Dedunu’s single mother project provides a forum for single mothers to air their grievances and to help each other.