Day Care Center


The DEDUNU Day Care – The Crèche – for infants and children from 03 months to 03 years opens its doors as early as 7am when the parents, especially the Single Mothers carrying their little infants trudge their long ways from their tiny little homes in various parts of the RATMALANA village – seeking the solace of DEDUNU – where they know their little ones would be cared for, whilst they are at work.

The poor working mother then rushes back to one of the many factories in and around the village of Ratmalana, where they are employed, to ‘grind’ the day to earn their pittance.

And the work at DEDUNU Crèche begins. The well-trained and disciplined Crèche Attendants take over with dedication and love, the task of caring and pampering the little baby sons and daughters of these poor and needy mothers, through the long and tiring day – 5 days a week – every week – every month and through the long working year.

The long day begins with breakfast – varied in ways according to age.

Song, dance and play with intermittent ‘pippy and kaka’ follows through, until lunch time.

Then a wash and a nap – brings serene peace and a welcome silence until about 15H00 when one by one the little ones stir themselves to wakefulness and dreamily open their eyes to have a warm bottle of milk put in their tiny little grips.

Contended and happy, the rest of the hours continue – once again with song and dance – fun and baby laughter until their weary mothers return at the end of a hard days work at ± 18H00 to carry their precious little treasures to their humble abodes – until the next day dawns.