Be of service to the infants and children of poor, needy and deserving parents with special emphasis on Single Mothers, living in and around Ratmalana and enable them to obtain work during the day, whilst their infants and children are cared for at ARC EN CIEL (DEDUNU) Crèche, thus creating the opportunity for such families to reach a stable economical level in society.
(i) Provide on a 5 days/weekly basis, on all working days year around, to infants and children from 3 months to 03 years of age, the safety and security of a Crèche, with a healthy and joyful environment, conducive for growth, with food and milk, clothing and toys, vitamins, medicines and all other needed support. (ii) Visit homes providing consultation, counseling and assistance for parents in need of assistance. (iii) Provide the single mothers a forum to air their grievances and to help each other.
Dedunu, started by Anton and Yvonne Jayakodi on 19 January 1990, has grown to the present scope with an average of 30 infants and children and is a well-managed, well-maintained mature organization, with focus on quality and continuity rather than mere growth. The couple Jayakodi has managed all activities for about 25 years: Anton (1934) taking overall responsibility of the organization and fund-raising and Yvonne (1953) of the infants and children. To prepare for continuity they set aside funds providing financial security and at the same time accruing an interest that is becoming a valued part of Dedunu income. Donations during the coming years are an imperative component for the day-to-day management and upkeep of Dedunu, most thankfully offered us by our wondrous benefactors in Europe.
Currently our donations from the few benefactors in Europe as dwindled over the last few years specially now due to the COVID - 19 pandemic. The reserve fund is safely blocked in fixed deposits with Bank of Ceylon requiring the signatures of both Anton and Yvonne in their capacity as co-founders of ARC EN CIEL (DEDUNU).