ARC EN CIEL (DEDUNU) is a Service for the infants and children of the poor, the needy and the deserving parents living in and around Ratmalana.

The name DEDUNU, ARC EN CIEL, or Rainbow was chosen as a name to signify ‘HOPE’ for the needy – in that, parents with children unable to even eke out a meagre living would find relief – and seek some form of livelihood during the day to bring them just the needed few rupees for a better existence.

Ratmalana abounds with factories – especially garment factories – producing clothes for export; where employment is available – albeit at little salaries especially for women – and that then is how DEDUNU fulfils such an important role to lift the poor from penury to a better life – a little independence – bringing peace to their troubled minds.

With the self-respect attained from gainful employment, comes the feeling of well-being – and that is an “opening” to a new beginning to their lives. To provide this “helping hand” is one important goal of ARC EN CIEL (DEDUNU).

ARC EN CIEL (DEDUNU) is geared to focus on the Single Mother – the mother with a child – where the man had either found another woman or got himself addicted to drugs, or just simply vanished leaving mother and child destitute.

ARC EN CIEL (DEDUNU) is aimed at uplifting the family – based on the precept in “helping people to help themselves” The unwavering adherence to this precept, was the goal of ARC EN CIEL (DEDUNU) through-out its existence beginning on 19th January 1990. Our every thought, our every effort, our every belief revolves round this, and ARC EN CIEL (DEDUNU) zero’s down to the eventual fulfilment of this main objective.